The Benefits of Colouring Books


When we were children, we were encouraged to use stationery outrageously. We could colour inside or outside the lines, make a mess and be downright silly, even if it meant damaging a few walls in the process.

Then as we grew, we were told to diminish these instincts. We had to be proper, to ‘grow up’, take responsibility and reform any creative and ingenious qualities we may have once had.

Now ‘adult’ colouring books are all the rage, touted by overworked executives, and new age gurus alike. Boasting benefits of clearing the mind, easing stress, goal setting, focusing and creative therapy, they are the new ‘it’ hobby.

And you can believe the hype on this one. Colouring books have a wonderful ability to help us regress to a more carefree space, where our only problem is deciding which whimsically named coloured pencil to use.

So next time you are on a plane/train/car ride that seems to be defying the laws of time, consider colouring.

What are your favourite colouring books?



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