Louise Hay-Honouring a Pioneer

Another trailblazer has left the earthly plane.

Louise Hay was truly a one of a kind teacher, unlocking the door to self healing, a concept that still goes over many peoples heads. Instead of searching for the outside doctor, psychiatrist or mentor for a band aid fix, she suggested we reexamine and CHANGE our own internal throughout patterns, values and ideals. Because that is the root of anything external that we deem as ‘bad’ or ‘problematic’. Mind blowing!

And then of course, there are her powerful affirmations, reprogramming the subconscious mind, and the domino effect that has in transforming the person. “I approve of myself” may very well be the most important affirmation you can ever say to yourself.

Another brilliant exercise is her mirror work, where we look at ourselves in the mirror, repeat our names, and let ourselves know how loved and accepted we.

Her first book, You Can Heal Your Life, arguably her magnum opus, is such a groundbreaking, foundational work on the mind-body connection. It deals with every aspect of the human existence, including health, finances, career and even finding an apartment.

Do yourself a favour, and check out any of her magnificent books, audio tapes or YouTube videos. Your thoughts will never be the same. And once you’ve changed your belief system, you can truly change anything in your life.

What is your favourite Louise Hay affirmation?


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