Country Inn And Suites: Charlotte, North Carolina


As soon as we walked into Country Inns & Suites Charlotte after a long day of driving, we were greeted by a stoic and tough front desk agent. This woman was brash, unaccommodating and straight up rude. So much for Southern hospitality…

Then she took us to our room, that was already occupied by a sleeping guest. Yikes. When she finally took us to the right room, there wasn’t a roaring fireplace and scones baking in the oven. It was hardly the welcoming space to remind you of home that the brand associates itself with.

Instead, the room was drab, dreary and depressing.


The bathroom had as much ambience as Alcatraz.



No toilet paper tuck…tells you everything you need to know about this place

Looking back on the photos, it looks quite nice. But maybe the attitude of the staff seeped into our opinion of the actual place itself.

It got better though. Here are some redeeming features.

Breakfast was excellent as it included hot buffet items.

The lobby offered pastries and water which was nice.

Even though Country Inns & Suites promotes a home away from home vibe, it just felt uninviting. From the front of house staff to the room itself, there was no warmth.  It was about as comforting as a dead fish.

We couldn’t wait to leave, and luckily it was just an overnight stay.


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