Wayne Goss Exposes the Truth

Youtube makeup guru Wayne Goss is the ultimate beacon of light in the black hole of makeup videos and beauty blogs that have infiltrated the internet. His straight to the point, humorous and informative videos share a wealth of knowledge and tips that he has honed over years of being a makeup artist.

However, even more important than his countless makeup tutorials and tips is the video posted below, where he exposes the truth about these flawless and ‘perfect’ makeup and social media posts and videos.

Before, in the heyday of print media, we only had to deal with image fakery from the long distance, unattainable glossy pages of a magazine. Now in the ominous social media age, we are surrounded by it the second we open up a laptop or look at our smartphone, by both celebrities and nobodies alike.

No matter what you look like,  makeup or no makeup, we ALL have what we perceive as beauty foibles. But being intimidated by images and videos that can only be chalked up to good lighting and angles should not have power over us to feel worse about ourselves or not good enough. They are not real!

Don’t believe the hype.

If you are fascinated by all things beauty and makeup and haven’t seen Wayne Goss’ videos (in which case you must be living under a rock), do yourself a favour and check out his YouTube channels Goss Makeup Artist and Goss Makeup Chat.

What do you make of this new social media craze of using outside tools, such as what Goss labels ‘living photoshop’ (or good lighting) to create unattainable images of perfection?

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