4 Packaged Foods to Take with You On A Plane

Plane food. You either love it

…..or you hate it.

Food smuggling and quarantine issues aside, travelling is one of those times where you need to have healthy packaged foods (a bit of an oxymoron, we know) at your disposal. It may not be ideal for everyone,  but we can all attest that a blood sugar level drop at 30,000 feet up in the air is enough to send even a sloth over the edge.

Here are some snacks that you can take with you to make your plane ride that much more enjoyable. We suggest buying them at Costco to get some bang for your buck.

  • Anything Kashi- Under the guise of a healthy muesli bar, Kashi tastes quite good and does claim to have some health benefits, whether cofounded or not. But with the likes of flaxseeds, oats, barley and the like it can’t be all bad, can it?
  • Cliff Bars-These are filling, made with minimal marred ingredients and boast a lot of protein and minerals. They are a good snack or meal replacement.
  • Inno Speciality Foods Coconut Clusters– We tried these at Costco recently and the likes of healthy fats found in Coconut and Pumpkin Seeds suggests they will keep you feeling satiated and help soothe your sweet tooth.
  • Nuts of any sort- We couldn’t have a list like this and not include any mention of one of the all time health snack food that actually keeps your hunger levels stable. Ziploc bags with assorted nuts including exotic ones such as macadamia and pistachio, feels decadent and filling. Try the Costco Tub of Extra Fancy Nuts.

What are your favourite snack foods when travelling?


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