Sheraton Suites: Tampa Airport


No more two star properties! we declared having left the Baymont Inn and Suites in Florida City. And from that point on, we stayed in significantly nicer hotels, which improved our comfort levels on the trip dramatically. Sometimes paying a little extra for something fancier is a good thing.

Coming from a motel to a more renowned hotel, complete with an indoor flora displays, water features, pool, gym and restaurant felt more like the corporate business hotels of our past that we knew and trusted. Backed by the Sheraton’s reputable brand with rigid standards in place helped us feel confident about the choice that Hotwire spat back at us in its classic butterflies inducing roulette style.


The best thing about this place? The rooms are huge! There are two TVs in one suite, which quite nearly blew our mind. There was a fridge and microwave to cook with in the room, and the hotel was close to the airport as well as a quick drive away from Target, Whole Foods and the like to buy food.



One downside? The mattress was stained.


The bathroom on the other hand is quite small and compact, but the lounge room and bedroom were spacious enough to drown out something as trivial as that.


The staff were very pleasant and accommodating, always chatting with us and making us feel comfortable and welcome, even in the lobby bathroom, where they technically didn’t have to engage with us.

There were some elevator problems during our stay, which made getting luggage up and down difficult, but they were working on repairing it.

Again, there is nothing that sets this hotel apart from all the well known, reputable corporate hotels, and it is an older style building. But it has been well maintained and the spaciousness of the rooms are what ups the ante.

It is located on the typical hotel strip near the airport, and therefore it was like temporarily living in a nice one bedroom apartment in the middle of nowhere. However, it is a good bet that you won’t be disappointed if you stay here, and it is a good distance away from downtown, but still close enough to Ybor City and Clearwater Beach (30 minutes).


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