Baymont Inn and Suites: Kissimmee, Orlando

As we drove through the Bronson Memorial Highway at night, Florida began to take on a Vegas tinge.

This is the strip where every Disney attending tourist and their dog stays, so the competition between hotels and tourist amenities is cut throat.

Gift shops were huge and lit up, fast food restaurants punctuated every quarter mile, and there were countless two to three star motels/hotels and ‘resorts’, for people who are too cheap to stay in the Disney World Resorts

Baymont Inn and Suites was a little old, but it did the job nicely. It was a steal on Hotwire and excellent value for money.



Nothing says outdated Florida hotel like a hibiscus bedspread


Ditto the beige phone


The staff, particularly Steven at the from desk, were personable and accommodating to room change requests

The little ‘gift bag’ and letter from Hotwire on arrival was a nice touch, and was an unexpected surprise that could make a jaded traveller excited


It is great for the budget conscious family traveller, who has already spent their life savings on a week pass to Disney World, and needs to factor in accommodation that won’t break the bank.



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