Obvious Ways to Save Money

‘though I had at first determined to buy stuff for a new coat, I went away resolved to wear my old one a little longer’ Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth (1758)

If you’re an average joe and want to travel, you are going to need some form of finances. There is no two ways about it. After all, there really is no such thing as a free lunch, or a free plane ticket and accommodation for that matter!

But, but…, we hear you pouting, I only make enough to get by, how am I going to form a savings account on top of what little I already have to pay back my debt and add to some sort of far off tropical holiday that may never happen fund?

Well, it is more simple than you think. And the best thing is that these small tweaks do not involve getting a second job or drastically changing your lifestyle and interests.

  • Pick up those 5c coins- They add up!


  • Volunteer- You are not only giving your precious time back to the community and other overused phrases, but they’ll likely provide you with free food, inside access to prestigious events, tickets and reciprocal programs which gets you into tourist attractions for free!


  • Eat at home- Yes, you can pay $20 for an over salted bowl of artisanal pasta and the bitter presence of a sour server in a noisy, dark room under the guise of ‘atmosphere’…..Or you can cook the same damn thing for $2 at home, and there’s no extra charge for cheese!


  • Shop where you earn points- In Canada the programs that give you the most points for your buck would be Shoppers Drugs Mart and Loblaws, which offer tailored products to earn points on. Sure it is a pain to keep all the different cards, but those points add up fast in essential items. And before you know it, you are getting some financial returns in the form of $20 or more.


  • Walk…everywhere. We don’t take public transport. It can be 4am in the morning and we still walk home. We’ve walked home in the pouring rain just to save money. We can be absolutely exhausted and we still walk home. Yes, this is not feasible for everyone, especially those in the suburbs. But if you live in the downtown core, you should have the most toned legs in the city from walking everywhere. This has the added bonus of providing exercise.


  • Get a library card- Having a library card has provided so much wealth in the form of knowledge and entertainment that paying off a substantial late fee is worth every penny to us. If you do nothing else, invest in the library and be thankful for the free wonderful resources it provides.


  • Get samples of everything before you invest- Hello Sephora and Nordstrom!


  • If you are not happy with a product,write to the company-More times than not they offer a new product or a gift card with a small amount on it to compensate.


So there you have it, obvious common sense tips. What others can you think of?


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