Ramada Plaza: Fort Lauderdale Airport


When we walked into the lobby of the Ramada Plaza Fort Lauderdale Airport, it was akin to stepping into the cheesy hotels of 1950’s movies. There was the tiki vibe, the overpriced gift shop that makes you wonder how they manage to stay open and I’m sure there was some sort of  Hawaii 5-O surf music  playing (or maybe I just imagined that). It was kitschy and something you could appreciate being in Florida.

Whilst the building and lobby is a little outdated, the Ramada Plaza was by no means terrible and still is quite satisfactory. The rooms have obviously been renovated, so this makes them actually quite surprising and pleasant to stay in. It is a huge property and does have a lot of amenities that other resorts/hotels don’t offer.



Things that pleasantly surprised us:

  • The standout is the buffet breakfast with table service by friendly staff. Our waitress was really lovely. The food is served on actual crockery! It is a more formal breakfast experience of a restaurant with wait staff coming to your table and taking drink orders etc., which is a good or bad thing depending on your time factor
  • There is an outside bar next to the obligatory jacuzzi/pool/hammock combo
  • Basic fitness room with 3 pieces of equipment-always better to have something than nothing
  • There is a tennis court on site
  • Shops and supermarkets are close by

Things that didn’t met our standards:

  • This is not a non smoking hotel, so this may be an issue if you don’t smoke, as the smell can travel into non smoking rooms (which is what happened with our first room)
  • The front desk staff demeanour was average. They warmed up after our request for a room change when we complained of the smoky smelling room
  • The bathroom, though spacious is outdated and drab.

Bathroom upon arrival

This hotel, for the price paid, is bang for your buck. It is great if you have a car want to visit the Las Olas beach area or anywhere in Fort Lauderdale as it is close to the airport.

Subtle changes of the Ramada Plaza Fort Lauderdale Airport would improve an already great hotel.


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