Rodeway Inn Review: Columbia, South Carolina

Driving through the night, we didn’t see much of South Carolina. In fact, we drove half a mile before we realised we had passed the Rodeway Inn. The sign wasn’t even lit up.

Given that we take every online rating and comment with a grain of salt, we were expecting more for the Rodeway Inn. Especially a sign that lets us know we are at the motel.

Where do we begin?

Reviewing our photos from the trip, we realised the place actually looks half decent. But don’t be fooled, the smell of the room does not translate in photos.



Even though we were in and out in 12 hours, that was more than enough time to establish this place could be amazing, if for a few small (but crucial) changes

Things we loved:

1. The staff are pleasant-the young man at the front desk was charming and understanding

2. There is a free continental breakfast (mind you it is all on styrofoam), which is good to keep you going

3. Has a gym

4. Has a laundry

5. Room has a few luxuries that set it apart from a terrible outdated motel, such as a flat screen TV, microwave and fridge.

6. The bed is actually comfortable, and the linen is clean.

Things that didn’t meet our standards:

1. Things are defunct and rundown (mind you they are in the midst of a major renovation)

2. The pool is covered in tarp and not available for guests to use

3. The rooms smell musty. They must be aware of this fact, as they used a dryer sheet stuck in the vent as some sort of air freshener.


4. The toiletries smell terrible and don’t appear to be of the best quality.


4. The appliances, such as fridge and microwave, weren’t even plugged in. This is great for environmental and power saving purposes, but it also suggests that the motel is trying to cut costs and makes the guests feel like they are staying in their frugal great grandmother’s house. All that is missing is the plastic covers on the furniture.

While the motel is large with seemingly endless rooms, it needs work, and a LOT of it. We did realise later on, that they are in the midst of renovations, and they are trying their best to make it work with the amenities they have. This is the kind of place where you pass through and hope to forget in your travel memories.


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