Holiday Inn Express in the Wild and Wonderful Hills of Charleston, West Virginia



As we pulled up to the Holiday Inn Express, in close proximity to other similar hotels, we weren’t exactly wowed. The car park was bumpy and in need of repaving. The building looked past its prime.

However, as we walked in, greeted with a plate of cookies and water near the front desk, as well as a coffee station, our attitudes changed. It seems the Holiday Inn Express wasn’t so bad, after all.

Here is the breakdown of the hotel:

1.Staff are friendly, accommodating and helpful. Its staff give you that charming southern hospitality you wouldn’t expect for something still relatively north. When we complained about our room, the front desk agent happily changed our room and was apologetic in the process.

2. The building, though old, has been modernised.

3. The rooms are spacious

4. There is a free continental breakfast, free coffee station/cookies/water station/Kuerig machine in the room. These simple touches add up in our books.



5. Rooms are spacious and as clean as they can be (though there was still room for improvement in terms of maintenance and dust)


There was ample room in the bathroom


The bathtub was actually quite clean


However there was no toilet paper tuck…


Tiles need replacing














The room needs a good dusting


Certain items in the room, detracting from its cleanliness need to be replaced


This fridge was in the first room, which we moved from. As you can see, the bottom of the fridge needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

6. Gym on site

7.Free internet and wifi

Charleston, its people, its buildings and its nature are a throwback to the beauty of simplicity. It seems as though there is a church on every block. And any overly commercialised chains are hard to find. It’s a quaint town soaked in history and the much need quiet that a lot of large cities don’t offer.





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