Food For Thought: How Much Do You Spend On Groceries?

This was a great YouTube video that we watched recently on wealth advisor Dani Johnson’s YouTube channel.

It advocates how people needlessly spend money on their every whim and fancy, no matter their income or budget. And this is never more obvious than when it comes to the necessity of food, which has become more overindulgent and commercialised than ever.

As Johnson aptly puts it, we are conditioned to pay for conveniences.

In fact as a multi millionaire she still only spends $20 per person per week!

Here are some other interesting takeaways (no pun intended) from the clip:

-Go to the grocery store when you are on vacation, and cook in your room rather than eating out

-Don’t buy pre-cut! Buy things in it’s natural form

-Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

-Read the ingredients

-Alter the recipe and improvise if you forgot or don’t have an ingredient. Don’t make it an excuse to run to the store and buy ten other things that you didn’t need along with the one item that you did.

-And while we are on that note, an excuse= a well planned lie

Let us know your thoughts on the clip, if you have any grocery shopping advice yourself, and how much you spend at your supermarket. We would love to hear from you!



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