Three Poutines To Try In Toronto

9-for the love of poutine

Image source: Sasha Sobrino

Poutine is surely a stoned persons invention. The salty, fatty, oily snack is pure heaven if you’re high, been living on a rabbits diet, or (who are we kidding?) at just about any other time. Whether you’re celebrating or pitying yourself, poutine is your go to for comfort food.

A quick research of the history of poutine reveals that it was developed in Quebec in the 1950’s, with no definite proof of which French inspired restaurant can stake the claim to be the original innovator.

Despite the ambiguity of its origins, no one can deny that Poutine lacks clarity in delciousness.

Here are three decent places to get your poutine in Toronto, and basically any other Canadian city. These may very well be bastardised, mass produced versions, but they will definitely satisfy.

  1. COSTCO– Our favourite and a winner we come back time and time again. Cheap ($4.50) and a large portion that will feed your stomach and soul.
  2. SMOKE’S POUTINERIE– Someone recommended this as the best place to get poutine. Automatically the expectations were set high. It was good, but didn’t stand out as any different from any other poutine. Whilst the traditional poutine was tasty and the portion was large, the cold environment and staff dampened the experience.
  3. BIG SMOKE BURGER- This poutine is worthwhile, as it is a decent size, and tasty in a comforting, but expected way. The downsides? It is relatively expensive.

Where is your favourite place to get your Poutine?


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