How to Furnish An Apartment For Just Over The Cost Of An iPhone


About nine months ago, we were in a pickle. We needed a new mobile phone and were considering the very trendy iPhone 6+. Despite the fact that it would be considered old news in a month or two, we were still tempted to splurge and buy it, justifying it would replace our computer and iPad.

Well, at the hefty price of approximately CAD $1029 (plus 13% tax), we decided against the trend and went for the just as functional President’s Choice ‘Huwaei’ brand. It does everything an Apple iPhone does at a basic level, it just doesn’t have a piece of fruit on it. So we were happy with our frugal choice and that was that. Besides, we didn’t want to be attached to a mobile phone the way many people are these days, laughing and smiling lovingly into their phones, walking like zombies.

So fast forward until February when we finally moved into our own studio apartment in the Toronto neighbourhood of Yorkville. For just under the cost of an iPhone we were once considering, we furnished the place with the help of our friends at IKEA, Dollarama, Costco and the Garbage (found at every corner near you).

The sprawling city views, the location that allows us to walk everywhere, the sunshine we experience on our high floor, even in the depths of winter, and our furniture has contributed to the feeling of just pure bliss. So how did we do it?
Here is what we bought/found to deck out our new place. Hopefully it will inspire you to furnish on a budget. Everything is in Canadian Dollars.

Two IKEA bed frames/slats-  @ $60 for frame and slats= $120

Two Twin Firm Matresses- @ $200 each= $400

One IKEA ‘LACK’ bed side table- $10

One IKEA bookcase found- FREE

Two IKEA chairs/cushions- $10 for each chair, $6 for each cushion= $32

One Costco desk/dining table- $56

One standing lamp found- FREE

One reading lamp-$10

One kitchen lamp @ $5 + globe @

Two dining Chairs found- FREE

One stool found FREE IKEA cushion bought on top- $6

Two green IKEA cushions @ $5 each- $10

Towels/linens/candles/ IKEA Wok/ IKEA cutlery/ glassware/ Cooking utensils/ crockery/ cleaning products/ Shower curtains/ frames/  miscellaneous- no more than $100

We absolutely adore the freedom having this studio apartment has lent us. Before we were sharing one room and felt like prisoners. We lived up in North York, and it was frustrating to have to take TTC everywhere. Though living this way was significantly cheaper, you cannot put a price on sanity!

Now we walk everywhere and have every amenity at our fingertips. We feel like we live in our hotel, and are trying our hardest to maintain the cleanliness. Luckily our place had a  brand new fridge, stove, bathtubs, tiles and cabinets installed.

When we wake up to a gorgeous view, brand new furniture and know we didn’t have to break the bank to feel this luxurious, we feel truly grateful, and inspired.

Grand total to furnish our apartment =$1307.53

Cost of a brand new 64GB iPhone 6+= $1029.00

Cost of having freedom, privacy and comfort= priceless.

And the Huwaie phone has held up just fine, in fact we’re sure there is a new iPhone coming out any day now.


Yes, we found this lamp.


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