Type Local and Type Tourist

There are two types of travellers. Those who try their hardest to act like the locals, and those who fully embrace doing cheesy, touristy things (whilst spending a fortune in the process).

For instance, when it comes to New York, there are those who avoid Times Square like the plague and those you jump wholeheartedly into it, seeing four Broadway shows, going to the M & M store, Red Lobster and staying in a dump of a hotel for $300 a night just because it is close by. Then there are those middle men who must reluctantly pass through it, appreciate it for what it is and keep moving to where they need to go.

Some travellers only want to experience the media hype, the little events and landmarks that make a city what it is. The ‘good things’ that give a city prestige and bring in tourism. They want the glitter, the gift wrapped version of a place, not the boring mundane reality that can only come from living in a  place for so long. They want a satisfying moreish slice of the pie, not the whole thing.

When you go to Sydney you only want to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. You don’t want to see the scummy sides of west Sydney.

And others go out of their way to see the dreary reality of a city. Time permits them to go to the dull suburbs and shopping malls, the dive bars, and corner stores and live like a local.

What type of traveler are you?


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