Stay in Debt

Someone once told us

“Stay in Debt. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.”

Cue gasps , shock horror, and any other sign of disgust.

Debt is seen as the depraved stepmother of all things good and moral. Debt is the enemy. It must be quashed and never seen again. It is a cycle that keeps us bound, between owing credit cards, interest, banks and buying things we generally can’t afford and don’t really need.

If only you can win the lottery and all your monetary problems will be taken care of!

But think about it. Once all your financial goals are taken care of, you’re bored.

You can barely wake up in the morning, let alone find things to fill the day in.

Yeah sure, you were planning on sailing around St. Tropez, learning French, Italian and Spanish, whilst fitting in some golfing sessions and dance classes. You were going to be dining at all these fancy restaurants and on the board of a charity. But you probably won’t do any of these things, because none of them, no matter how much prestige, excitement and self satisfaction they bring, can provoke the incentive to get out of bed like money can.

There is nothing to coax you out of the sack (and pride) like looming rent, bills and having an empty fridge.

There is almost a visceral thrill to knowing you may not make it.

The fantasy of something is always better than the reality. In the movie Everyone Says I Love You, once Julia Roberts character commits adultery, she is no longer tortured by her desires and the “what ifs” she was faced with in her unhappy marriage. She has brought them into reality, and they have now become mundane. And she now realises that she wants to be with her husband, after all, who she initially felt unsatisfied with. Our imaginations run wild with this notion of once we have ‘x’ we will be happy, but the reality is a harsh disappointment.

Once the struggle is taken care of, you miss it.

So whilst we all dream of the good life as millionaires, appreciate the daily slog. It is rewarding to work like a dog and then have enough to pay your rent, buy groceries and put the rest in savings.

Most importantly, you can’t buy that feeling.


2 thoughts on “Stay in Debt

  1. Irene Haidner says:

    Ya, uhumm, not so sure that would be my issue. Yes money is a real motivator but so are many other things in my life anyway. One for sure would be travel and I believe to cover every corner of this planet might take me some time for sure. Also just the fact knowing that I don’t “have” to get up especially for someone else would make it just that much more enjoyable. I love this post though for taking the opposing side for a change. It gave me a good chuckle, enough so that I soon as I received it in my inbox, I had to come and comment. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Irene.

    Liked by 2 people

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