13 Confidence Tips Learned In Executive Charisma

Here are some useful quotes found in Debra A Benton’s business book Executive Charisma. It is short read, chock full of tried and true advice on leadership qualities, confidence skills and general presentation and image tips. Here are some keys points we took away, that we are passing on to you.

1. “The truth about CEOs worldwide is that about 99.9 percent exude more confidence than they really have.” (page 6)

2. “Expect Acceptance”

3. “More than money and sex, people want recognition and praise” says Lisa Eggerton, public relations executive.”

4.  Executive Charisma isn’t about you as much as it is about your effect on others.” (page 48)

Our interoperation of this quote is that by being pleasant, making someone else feel special, using their name, praising them and having a positive effect on them, it makes YOU appear charismatic.

5. Your executive charisma requires theatrics (…) Theatrical is not artifice. It is being aware of and responsible for the effect you have on people around you through your physical presence.” (page 84)

In other words be conscious, but not painstakingly so. Have an awareness, but not a debilitating obsession with how you appear and act to others. Don’t be careless, but don’t care too much what people think.

6. “Readjust your posture 88 or 898 times a day as necessary.” (page 96)

This is pretty self explanatory, but posture is the key to having a confident physical presence. It is vital for good health, and something that can fall by the wayside if we are not always putting effort and wiring on it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make some effort to satdn up straight and take a break for the computer.

7. “Pass the salt tone of voice”….”it is even- engaged, clear tone with no hidden emotion or agenda. It is safe to use tone for all situations.” (page 107)

The author uses the example of the neutral voice we use when asking someone to pass the salt at the dinner table. This is how we should conduct most of our speaking to appear self assured, decisive, rational, balanced and not overtly or under emotional.

8. “Regardless of how people treat you, keep a relaxed smile and look them in the eye.” (page 110)

We cannot control how people will react to us, what external forces will contribute to how we are being perceived, but we can control how we react. It is not the most effortless or easiest skill to master when someone is being downright nasty or condescending toward us, but as the saying goes “kill them with kindness.”

9. “People who go in for plastic surgery could save themselves a lot of money and pain if they just focused on their facial expression.” (page 110)

It’s simple. Smile.

10. “Business is just human interactions in a social/political organisation with money attached to it.” (page 117)

People get too highly strung and wrought on the compacted nature of business, but if you just strip it down to its essence/bare bones, its not nearly intimidating as it seems. So don’t let it affect you as such. Don’t see business as being over your head. Everyone can master it, and this quote reminds us of the simplicity of such a exaggerated and complicated word. Break it down to master it. Little by little. Don’t let it intimidate you

11. “To get what you want is to help people get what they want.” (page 117)

You have to give a little to get a little. Help someone out, and when you need a favour they may be just the person to help you out. Everything in life is reciprocal.

13. “Kenny Rogers expresses it in song. “Everyone needs three things in life. Someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to.” (page 119)

Doesn’t this just sum up the meaning of life in a few words? This country singer hit the nail right on the head.

13. “Forget titles, roles, power or positions. You’re just one down to Earth human being interacting with another. Don’t be distant. Touch with “heart, soul and mind regardless of rank, race, creed, colour or power.” (page 122)

Don’t let social factors and hierarchy intimidate you. Everyone is equal. When you realise this, you don’t deal with the petty factors that can have the upper hand on restricting your confidence. No one is better than you. We are all equal. When you realise this, not even the Queen of England will intimidate you!


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