4 Things To Know About Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has just trumped coconut oil as the new ‘it’ cooking thing.

This Mexican export wonder is cheap, cholesterol free, and the trendy frontier in oils. Look for the gorgeous pale green colour next time you are in the supermarket, and show off to your avant garde foodie friends, who swear by boring old olive and coconut oil, about your new discovery. Like its peers, it is another way to be creative and different in the kitchen and health department.

Our 1L bottle was purchased at Costco on sale for approximately CAD $12.

Here are four benefits of using avocado oil.

1. It contains monounsaturated fat. According to ‘The Best Things You Can Eat’ by David Grotto this is what lowers LDL and total cholesterol (p. 114) whilst bringing up ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.  This brings excess cholesterol to the liver, as opposed to leaving it to stick to the arteries (p.162)

2. When refined, it can also withstand a high heat during cooking. Up to 260 C (500 F), higher than its contemporaries, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Canola Oil.

3. It has that nutty, creamy avocado taste, but still remains relatively mild. This complements, but doesn’t overpower, bread, salads, pasta and vegetables.

4. The oil is also great for hair and skin, to condition and strengthen it. It does not have a strong smell, and whilst it does not absorb straight away, like most oils, once it has sunk into skin, it will leave it silky smooth.

Has anyone tried Avocado Oil? What benefits have you noticed?


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