Top 9 Things We Miss About Australia

Nostalgia time. Having almost been in Canada for a year, there are some things we have missed about Australia in terms of culture, food and landscape.

Whilst homesickness is common, it is often a deceit of the mind, making us believe we miss these things. But I’m sure if we went back and they became routine again, we would be complaining about things we missed in Canada.

Ahh, humans always thinking the grass is greener.

Nonetheless, here are some things we miss about Australia.

  1. The political incorrectness- regular racist, sexist, ageist (and just about every other -ist) comments are made without really offending anyone. Swear words are rife. Language is not exactly proper and slang is the norm. And nobody apologises for it!
  2. The high wages- $33 an hour for a hospitality job on a Sunday? Yes, please.
  3. Tim Tams (and Mint Slices a close second)- Not so much a biscuit as it is a straw, biscuits like Tim Tams just don’t come along every day. And whilst they do have them in Canada, at $5 a pop they don’t exactly fit into our budget.
  4. No bank fees- Canada has this bizarre policy of applying bank fees, just for storing our money in their bank. Australia does not succumb to this nonsense.
  5. The beaches- Wasaga beach is not a beach. Maybe to Canadians it is, but to Australians it is a lake. End of story.
  6. Vegemite- Yes, it’s not everyone’s cup of salt, but spread a little bit on buttered toast, and us Aussies are in heaven.
  7. Wearing thongs (or ‘flip flops’ everywhere- It’s just not practical in Canada.
  8. “Mate”- Everyone says “bro” or “buddy” here. It’s just not the same.
  9. The fact that we don’t take travel for granted- It takes so long to get anywhere for Australians (with the exception of New Zealand) that we are actually grateful to be on a fifteen hour flight with a ten hour layover, only to fly another six hours. Canadians are so close to everything that they barely go anywhere, thinking they will get to it one day. They definitely take their proximity to other countries for granted.




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