4 Makeup Items Every Nomad Needs

“The only way I’d be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me and I was in between makeup at home. I hope my husband would slap a little lipstick on me before he took me to the morgue.”

Dolly Parton courtesy of Brainy Quote

Image Source: Traveller

Ahhh, makeup. Life saver. Self esteem restorer. Keeping humans looking better than they really do from continent to continent for thousands of years.

Travelling and being a foreigner in a strange land is every reason to experiment and try new things, even if you constantly go without makeup in your homeland. Be someone different, be a character. Chances are you will never see these people again, or your foreign status will make them think this is the norm in your hometown.

But today we are talking about the bare minimum of makeup to make you look like you just stepped off a Vogue shoot in the most practical way. The less items you have to lug around in your already heavy handbag, the better.

Whether you are stuck on a desert island, in the Swiss Alps, or in a concrete jungle during your travels, you should have these items to get you through.

  1. Full coverage Foundation

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

It’s called foundation for a reason! This should be the layer upon which all your other makeup items hinge. I’m not talking about some watered down, barely covering BB cream or lousy powder foundation. You want something off substance that is actually got a thick consistency. Find one with SPF in it and you are laughing!

2. Death defying, lash building, anti clumping, blackest of the black mascara


Image Source: Cosmetics and Skin

That was my attempt at using every marketing buzz word mascara ads have tried to sell us over the years. Mascara adds drama to the eyes. It can make them appear awake, doe eyed, sultry, (insert whatever eye look your gong for here). Basically, it is essential in making the windows to your soul stand out. Don’t skimp on it or skip it. You will regret it.

3. Black kohl eyeliner


Image Source: Daily Makeover

This smudgy crayon type is your jack of all trades. I’m a big fan of tightlining the waterline and calling it a day. But many other people like to go outside the under eye, or do a cats eye. You name it, a black kohl crayon will help you get there. Again, eyeliner is essential because it helps frame, define or exaggerate the eyes. It can achieve any look you want. Think of it as the teacher’s pet of makeup, always showing off and aiming to please.

4. Lipstick for lips and cheeks


Image Source: The Geoffrey

How do I say this politely?

Basically, having lipstick will make you look non corpse like. You’ve just slapped a layer of foundation on and made everything uniform. Now your skin looks flawless, but too one dimensional. Using a creamy lipstick, in a pink/ corally/reddish shade for the cheeks, applied and blended with your fingers, will add some sort of facets to your face. Then of course on the lips to give them some shape, colour and moisture.

Things that will get you brownie points:

Baby wipes: to wipe any excess makeup off hands etc.

Q-tips-to correct makeup

Olive/Coconut Oil- To take off makeup

So there you have it. All these items fit in your carry on, so there is no excuse. You want to beat the flight attendants at their own game.


Image Source: Daily Mail

Whether you have just come off a 15 hour flight (like us Aussies do to get anywhere!), or have spent hours on a bus/train, only to find yourself arriving at the destination at 5am in the morning with no sign of human life whatsoever, you should still look wonderful.

Even if the bathroom mirror is the only one who will see it.

What are your go-to makeup items when travelling?


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