If You Are Ever Travelling to the USA: Buffalo’s Salvatore’s Garden Place Hotel Review


Salvatore’s Garden Place Hotel is a family business, and you don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family. Ever.

It retains The Godfather’s essence of Italian credos. Family. Money. Flashiness.

The lobby is something else. Ripped straight out of a 1920’s mobsters mansion, it has to be seen to be believed. The fish tank, the chandelier, the fountains, the statues, it’s Vegas mixed with European opulence.

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The jazz lounge music played in the hallways is a nice touch. You’re just waiting for the Rat Pack to pop around a corner and start singing.

But, walk down the seemingly never ending hallways and there is definitely a Shining vibe.


The rooms also have a heavy darkness to them. They are renovated, with new vanity, sinks and furniture, but the showers have retained an older finish, complete with black mould. We have always disliked separate sinks to shower/toilets. It is very old fashioned.

On the plus side, there are mirrors everywhere so you can see yourself from all angles.

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We would only stay here for one night, as a novelty. It is not a long term stay hotel. But like its Vegas contemporaries, it definitely lights up the Buffalo Transit Rd highway.

Check it out if you are in town.


  • The glitziness of it all, definitely a must see for those who love flashy Vegas style decor and interior design
  • Gym and sauna on site
  • Laundry and dryer on site
  • Communal microwave
  • Staff were pleasant, informed us that it was a family business which is endearing
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking
  • Close to many different restaurants


  • The major drawing card, it’s decor, can also work against it, making it seem old fashioned, outdated and heavy. There are no clean modern lines, except for the gym.
  • Beds were not comfortable. Our room had a sagging mattress, that was also ripped underneath.
  • Shower grouting is disgusting
  • 11am checkout- a little bit early
  • No milk in the room for coffee
  • Breakfast was sub par. Coffee was terrible powdered dish water. Breakfast staff were not very helpful.
  • Most suitable for travellers with cars

For more information click here.



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