Rendezvous Adelaide* Hotel Review (Now Peppers Waymouth Hotel)

*This hotel has since become Peppers Waymouth Hotel.

The only time you should come to the Rendezvous Adelaide (Peppers Waymouth Hotel) is if you are in desperate need of a bath.

Complete with window for the keen voyeur on either side, it is a lovely, spacious bathroom. But that is the only thing the hotel has got going for it.

Run down, shabby and overrated, this five star hotel must surely be just a three and a half star in disguise.

The linen is dirty and fraying. The room is dusty, dirty and has been poorly maintained. The TV is old and has limited channels. The staff are ok, but not overly friendly.

The lobby is visually impressive, but that is as far as it goes

This hotel is ideal for corporate business folk, or couples, (given that bathroom window) and can be used as a rejuvenating retreat.

Just don’t expect top notch service or cleanliness.


  • Located in the CBD, walking distance to everything
  • Pool, spa and sauna facilities are impressive
  • Big bathroom
  • The bathtub
  • Free wifi
  • Restaurant on site
  • Business centre
  • It has cool art deco elevators and mirrors
  • The lobby is visually impressive


  • Badly maintained

For more information, click here.



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