Melbourne Greenhouse Backpacker Review

When my Mum suggested we stay in a backpackers for a month , I grudgingly said yes.

We had one month to go before we left for Canada, and our lease had expired. We wanted somewhere cheap and convenient to stay. We searched for short term rentals and room sharing on Gumtree with little success. We looked at hotels and motels and they were too expensive.

So we booked the Greenhouse Backpackers. It was a hostel my Mum was familiar with, and it looked nicer than the competition.

I was still hesitant, even after booking it. You see, quite frankly, I hate sharing.

I was used to only staying in hotels and having privacy. Now all that would be thrown out the window, for a whole month, no less!

But I quickly ate my words.

Here is the thing about hostels/backpackers.

Most of them are great, clean, have good amenities, services, and social nights.

It is the people that stay there, that ruin it for everyone.

It is the people that vomit on the carpets and in bed, are disrespectful and break the rules, that ruin everyone else’s experience.

Greenhouse Backpacker is no exception, but it’s doing it’s best to maintain some integrity.

This backpackers is located right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Close to Flinders St Station, Federaton Square, Southbank, Crown Casino and basically anywhere else you would possibly want to go in the city, it is a prime location.

As most of our work was in the city at that time it was a dream come true to be able to walk everywhere and beat the traffic. And we were also being taken out to the Yarra Valley for work, so it was a short walk to Flinders St station to catch the Lilydale train.

Whilst it wasn’t the cheapest option on the marker ($200 a week per person, booked on it’s pretty hard to find budget accommodation in Melbourne, even by backpacker standards.

We initially lived with some pretty unkempt roommates. Here are some photos of the state of our room when we arrived.





Not exactly, a warm welcome.

We complained and asked to move, but there was nothing they could do. They were fully booked. Some front desk staff are helpful, some are useless. Like the time when there were two males accidentally put in our all female dorm. That was a mistake on Greenhouse Backpacker’s part.

If you walk into a room like this, persevere. These type of people come and go. It got better.

They were just temporary tenants, and for the most part everyone was respectful. We even made a few friends.

Yes, there was vomit on the hallway carpets from time to time, but it eventually got cleaned.

In fact the whole property is cleaned everyday. The housekeeping staff were wonderful.

The bunk beds were surprisingly comfortable and in good condition. There is storage bookcase to put your stuff in (if people haven’t carelessly placed all their stuff in there), and lockers for your valuables.

The decor is modern and bright, with vibrant colours in the shared spaces. The rooms themselves have more muted colours.

There is ample kitchen space and fridges to keep your food. The best part of the day was the free stuff shelf, where people put food they didn’t want.


They have some pretty ancient computers in the communal living room area, which are good enough to surf the web on, but probably not the most secure. They also have wifi in the communal spaces.

There is a laundry on site, but it is a little bit expensive ($5 a wash) so best to let your laundry pile up before you use it.

It had many bathrooms and showers on all levels and these were maintained every day.

There is also a nice rooftop.

A lot of people are in transition there. Some people are staying for a few days, some are on working holidays, others have been living there for two years.

They offer lots of opportunities to do activities, like walking tours, and have information available to book tours.

For the most part backpackers are great if you want to immerse yourself in that cities social scene. You will probably form friends within the first couple of days of being there, and you will be in well maintained facilities.

You will have a blast, even if you hate it at first.


  • Right in the heart of Melboune’s CBD, close to shops, food, train stations, sporting arenas
  • Right opposite a library
  • Clean, comfortable surroundings, that are maintained everyday
  • Big kitchen with lots of cooking space and storage
  • Free Tuesday night dinner
  • Beds are comfortable
  • Luggage Storage
  • Offers lots of activities and tours to book


  • Some guests who stay here, with the sole goal of drinking and partying can be inconsiderate to other guests


For more information, click here.

This is NOT a sponsored post, yet. We wish it were!


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