Overstimulated and Underwhelmed

We live in a generation of vast knowledge and little expectations, care or dreams. We are distracted by technology and living vicariously on a level that has never been paralleled before thanks to the likes of YouTube and Facebook.

Would Michelangelo have finished the Sistine Chapels artwork if he had Facebook? I simply can’t see him taking selfies and updating his 678 friends on the ceilings progress.

Would Da Vinci have finished the Mona Lisa with the distraction of the internet? I doubt it.


Because visionaries and creators, the 1% of the world, don’t let external tools and time wasting devices use them.

I find the more information that is out there, the less I know. I feel more overwhelmed and undereducated now than I did in sixth grade where my imagination ran wild and my thoughts were not clouded by the opinions and invalidated information of others, peers and experts alike.

Don’t just keep wasting time because the Internet is there and it is ‘free’. Unlimited wifi and a computer is a recipe for destruction. Try to limit time spent on social media and the Internet if it is not for an ultimate goal, purpose or intellectual enhancement.

Lured by its promise of endless information, sometimes too much of something is not a good thing.

Even gold becomes trashy and tacky when worn everywhere.


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