Public Transport Ettiquette


Public transport is an absolute luxury, don’t get me wrong.

And as travellers in foreign countries, the chances are high that you will wind up using that city’s mode of getting around. Whether it’s a bullet train in Japan, a monorail in Queensland or a double decker bus in London.

However, certain realities get in the way of us being most appreciative of this transportation privelage.

As I go out of my safe cocoon onto public transport, I notice things. Lined faces, drooping jowls, not a single smile to be seen from carriage to carriage. Slumped postures salivating at their mobile phones. Grotesque eating, loud talking and downright unruliness.

In order to make the 9am commute more zen like and less hell like, few things must be taken into consideration.


Keep you distance
Always stand at the front of a crowded bus. Unless you want to marinate in other peoples energy and scents, try to avoid the crowd. You are in the 1%, not the 99%.

Either sit against a wall, or don’t sit at all
On trains or buses, always sit on the chair that is against the wall or window, so that your head is not touching someone else’s.

And forego a seat when necessary.

Constant mobile phone usage is tacky
Watching people have a marathon with their fingers on their phone is very unbecoming. So is smiling into your phone. As is having loud conversations about your brothers friend of a friends dog. It is much more inspiring to see someone reading a book. Try listening to a positive podcast/audio book or inspirational music on your iPod instead of nursing your mobile phone.

Avoid rush hours

3-4pm is bad. 7-9am is worse. 4-6pm is the worst. Think of having to hold your balance in the centre of the carriage with nothing to hold onto, and the unmistakable scent of many bodies crammed into one space.


For goodness sake, it’s a free facelift. So much has been written about the power of smiling and so many people let it fall by the wayside. Think of funny things in your head and watch the smile trickle onto your face. Think of your favourite stand up comedian delivering the punchline you were laughing at twenty minutes ago On YouTube. Visualize positivity and repeat mantras in your head.





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