Does Lavishness and Frugality Mix?

Image Source: Pinterest. Original photo by Annie Leibovitz.

Image Source: Pinterest. Original photo by Annie Leibovitz.

What does glamour mean to you?

When we think of glamour, we think of fabulous clothes, hair and makeup. Caviar, champagne, The Ritz Carlton, pearls, room service, rose petals on the bed, elbow length gloves, gold rings, black sunglasses at night, fur coats, fancy chocolates, high heels, limousines, little furry dogs, private planes, butlers.

In other words, cliches.

In this celebrity obsessed world we occupy, conflicting messages, images and ideals of what it means to be beautiful, sexy, interesting, fun and exciting are whacked over our head. And all of them involve one common  denominator. Money.

We want people to realize you can have all the things that the media gorges us on, if that’s what you want, and you don’t need to spend money to get it. You can look like you spent thousands of dollars on looking good when you might have spent nothing. NADA.

Fur coats can be tried on and captured forever on the illusion of camera. Then they can be put back. Free champagne can be found if you look hard enough.

It can be achieved. Because glamour starts in the mind.

You can still be fabulous, fun and frivolous on a budget. It needn’t be so sterile and grey.

So, do you believe you can you be financially stable and glamorous?

Image source:

Jayne Mansfield, shopping for a bargain. Image source:


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