If You Ever Travel To The USA- New Jersey’s Hyatt Regency

One word to describe this hotel. AMAZING.

We stayed here during our Comfort Tour, which was located in the quaint town of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

It is a historic little town with restaurants, shops and a train station to access Manhattan at a close proximity. The locals were friendly and hospitable.

The Hyatt Regency housekeeping, front desk and restaurant staff all had a wonderful demeanour and the lobby is a feature in itself.

But the room was even better.

This was a spacious room, with a large desk and bed side table, and a nice comfortable chair. The colour scheme was earthy neutrals with a pop of green. Even an ironing board and iron was included.

But the beds were even better.

We have been sharing one squeaky bed since April 2015, and the prospect of seeing two white plush beds after twelve hours of travel was delightful. With pillows like marshmallows and a giant TV screen, it was too much to handle.

We watched Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares that first night, so comfortable, so clean, so content. And we hadn’t even reached New York yet.

There was gorgeous white light in the bathroom, so that you can really see what you look like. The shower had excellent water pressure. The toiletries were by Neutrogena. The soap was lovely, but the shampoo and conditioner left much to be desired.

There is also a well equipped gym, and pool/spa on site.
The breakfast is fantastic. Featuring fruits (including non run of the mill items such as blackberries),  a cheese board, cereal, oatmeal, cooked omelettes to order, and table service for drinks. However, we wish they would have just one more hot vegetable item for those who don’t eat meat or eggs, such as mushrooms, spinach, tomato or baked beans.
My favourite part of this hotel were the complimentary amenities offered. You can get everything from mini deodorants, shaving creams, hairspray and slippers to name a few. Maybe this is only exciting to us, but still, a nice touch when you forget to bring something or opt to travel light.

This hotel was so good that we celebrated New Years Eve from the tranquility of our beds, watching all the poor sardine tourists packed to the rafters in Times Square. Knowing from the depths of our beings, that we made the right choice.

For more information, click here.


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