What Humans Need vs. What Humans Want


In terms of material goods, humans need very little to survive.

So much so that we made a list of truly essential things a human needs.

1. Water

2. Simple, nourishing food. Mainly, vegetables, fruit, grains (rice, bread, pasta) and protein (beans, legumes).

3. Toilet Paper

4. Soap

5. Basic clothes

6. Shelter, with utilities such as running water, electricity, gas

THATS IT! Who said life had to complicated?

Whilst these items need to be purchased, with the exception of water, they are at a minimal cost.

Compared to the gluttony and decadence promoted in the mainstream media to buy more, more, more and have things bigger, better and grander, including what’s on our own body, it’s no wonder we leave in an inflated world, where inflated prices and low self esteem equal economic stability.

We’re here to put things in perspective. Spend as little as you can on essentials, have the right attitude and the right perception, and you will realise how pointless living above your material means truly is.

See also: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Image credit: researchhistory.org

See also: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Image credit: researchhistory.org

What do you think humans need to survive? Anything that wasn’t included on the list? Have humans gone over the top with their material accumulation?


3 thoughts on “What Humans Need vs. What Humans Want

  1. David Ku says:

    The Maslow Hierarchy of needs is a great summary, reminder and guide to help many with purchasing decisions. I agree with the 6 items in the list as well.

    I think some people have gone over the top with their material accumulation without thinking too much of their financial situations. Ego, pride and social pressures influence those to make certain purchasing decisions without much thought. It is one thing to buy a lot of items that you would actually use but it is another thing to purchase a lot just for the sake of it.


  2. The Newspeak Post says:

    Part of the problem i feel is that individuals who grew up with few resources tend to want to make up for it when their situation improves. A person who grew up in a small house may want a big house/car/bank account/etc.

    It is difficult to find the want for more sometimes, even when you have to wager your future for it.

    Good post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • higherpowerhorizon says:

      Exactly. The grass is always greener. Those who have gone without believe that all these material things signify success, and therefore strive to accumulate more. Whereas those who have had it all wish they could go back to simpler times with less stuff. Thank you for your thoughts. Phoenix and Faith.


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