Money Mantras

When all else fails you’ve got to have a mantra!

Mantras are not just for western hippies doing some soul searching in Indian ashrams. Having a money mantra to repeat to yourself can keep you focused and motivate you to be productive when it comes to producing or saving finances.

It can keep you on track when the bank account is looking bleak, or you’re not sure where your next job offer or prospect is coming from. It can reassure you when you’re faced with earning $10 an hour and juggling three jobs. Hey, it can even keep you grounded if you’re rolling in funds.

For all the spiritual naysayers out there, think of it this way. It is silent, so the person sitting next to you on the subway doesn’t know (or care) that you are doing it. You don’t have share the practice with anyone or give up anything, except maybe 30 seconds a day, to do it. Being positive can’t hurt anymore than being neutral or negative.

You can even write the mantras down on a post it note or somewhere you will see it constantly for a bit more reinforcement.

Here are some suggestions. See if you can come up with your own.

  • I expect cash flow revenue to come in from multiple sources at all times
  • I am my own financial boss
  • I am not enslaved by money nor do I own it
  • I need money to live comfortably but it does not define my existence or my purpose
  • I am glamorous, fun and beautiful even though I am frugal
  • I am blissful on a budget
  • Spending money does not equal more fun, entertainment or happiness
  • I do not live by the convention of working 9-5 and cashing a paycheque week to week. I decide my own career and my own financial future through my passions. I set my hours, and I solely build my own wage.
  • Money is a constant stability in my life
  • I am not consumed by money or greed, only the things that these desires can unlock such as investment, helping others, charity, travelling, needs as opposed to wants
  • I am wholly formed without the aid of money, success, wealth or career. These are merely additions to my already complete package. I did not enter the world to solely earn wealth, accolades and recognition. I entered to live my life’s fullest purpose.

For more information on this topic, check out Ralph Smart’s video on his YouTube Channel Infinite Waters-Diving Deep. Here’s a preview of his Magic Money series.



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