How to Save Money Living in Toronto

Living in Toronto is expensive.

We thought living in Melbourne, Australia was expensive, but making high wages doing what is considered low income jobs means you can survive on a measly waitressing job.

The average income we were earning for ‘waitressing’, or in fancy terms being ‘food and beverage attendants’ at a hospitality staffing agency in Australia was MINIMUM $22.53 an hour. Forty hours on that would take you to just under a thousand a week. It went up depending on the venue, (for instance one prestigious establishment pays a flat rate of $29 an hour) and if it was the weekend, it went up anywhere between $27-33. Good times. We were still complaining back then.

Luckily viewing this Toronto horizon is for free

Luckily viewing this Toronto horizon is for free

Now in Canada, many are faced with the prospect of only earning between $10-14 an hour for high responsibility jobs no less, and we are suddenly questioning our decision to move abroad.

Why are adults earning apprentice wages, and more importantly, why is Toronto so DARN EXPENSIVE?

So while we are out of work, we have had to be ultra cautious with where our hard earned savings are going.

We have developed a few tricks along the way. We were living this way even when we were in Australia.

In the this series we will post tips on how to save money whilst still enjoying a glamorous life in Toronto.

Now it’s your turn to take the floor. What is your opinion of Ontario’s wages? Are they enough to get by on, or piss poor pathetic?


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