How to Save Money in Toronto: Pampering Edition


Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, by way of Helena Rubinstein, said, “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”

We definitely agree.

Just because you are minding your finances, doesn’t mean you should look like an ashen accountant. Having an unmade face, unkempt hair and dishevelled clothing in the name of saving money is not a sign that you are on a budget. It is a sign you have given up.

An excuse people will often use for not looking coiffed is that makeup and skincare products are expensive. Excuse us while we roll our eyes.

Makeup and skincare can last a long time if you purchase wisely. In fact we both bought Chanel black kohl eyeliners when we were in Paris in 2010. It cost us 19 Euro, which was definitely pricey at the time. Four and half years later, that eyeliner has held up, with plenty more to spare.

The eyeliner in question

The eyeliner in question

However, Drugstore brands can be just as competent as high end ones, as can various kitchen ingredients.

Excellent skincare and make up that makes a person feel good is something we don’t compromise or skimp on. Clothes come and go, but your face is forever.

However, this post is about the step that happens before the transaction. We’re talking sampling!

Go to any department store or Sephora. Clean anything you want to use with the alcohol and sanitizers, and use the disposable wands provided to test the products. You can do a whole smokey eye, foundation and contour routine ready for a night out if you please.

Go in barefaced, put the expensive products on your face. We’re talking La Mer, Dior, Lancôme, Clarins. Don’t be shy. Test your heart away. How will you know if you like a product and want to invest in it, if you don’t try it?

Always put expensive face creams on your hands as well.

And whilst we are on the subjects of hands, do your weekly manicure at Sephora. They have a whole nail polish section with varying colours, textures and effects. If you paint with precision and enough coats it can look like you paid top dollars for your talons, when you did it for FREE FREE FREE.

Don’t be lazy. Be dazzling on a dime!

What products/brands do you like to test when you are shopping?


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