How to Save Money in Toronto: Library Edition

Don’t buy a book, CD or movie ever again. Borrow them from the library.

If the item resonates with you for longer than the prescribed borrowing period. REBORROW.

Library Books

Take it from two literary junkies, we never re read books and once a CD has been put on our iTunes we hardly need the CD or the cover/booklet ever again. Buying these thriving tokens of creativity will just lead to tangible stuff that will end up lifeless and sterile in a storage unit (the opposite of what they are meant to represent) once you are done with it.

We saved so much money by going our safe haven, the library, as opposed to buying and hoarding these vital entertainment devices (a mistake we had made a decade before). We had over 300 DVDs in Australia and luckily we found a buyer who was willing to buy them all from Because we certainly couldn’t take it with us to Toronto.

Netflix is a cheap option, but not as cheap as free! Though we did have a few late library fees to attend to, these were minor in comparison.

In the Toronto Reference Library located at 789 Yonge Street, Toronto, you can even borrow musical scores, saving money on those pricey musical books which we have also been stinged on in the past.

Also, use the Library’s free wifi or desktop computers when you really need the Internet. Having unlimited wifi at home is a luxury, NOT a necessity!

So next time you really have to hear that new CD, or see that Academy Award winning film that everyone is raving about, consider your local. Your local library that is!

Some vital financial reading from our local.

Some vital financial reading from our local.


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