How to Save Money in Toronto: Exercise Edition

Think of all the gym memberships you have had- and wasted– over the years.

Torontonians are big on gyms, if the red GoodLife gym bag is anything to go by. We constantly see people toting them around on subways and sidewalks alike, a token of potentially dead money.

Don’t get us wrong, we think gyms are fantastic things. They have a wide range of muscle toning and cardio equipment that is not feasible to have at home. Group classes are motivating and rewarding.

However, we also think that anyone can get fit from the privacy of their own bedroom, with nothing so much as a mirror and their own body weight.

In Australia, we were blessed to find a basic but perfectly suffice Everlast exercise bike on the side of the road. Using that bike, some old turquoise dumbbell weights and weight training books from the 80’s and 90’s, we had more than enough resources to get fit.

No grunting, no sweaty strangers, no women in plastered on makeup hoping to pick up.

Now that we are living in a rather cramped apartment in Toronto, we have had to become creative with our exercise routine.

Enter the humble stairs.

We discovered the workout prowess of stairs by accident. A firm alarm accidently went off in the building-at 1.30am no less- and we couldn’t use the elevators. Having to be evacuated by stairs, and then going back up to our apartment using the stairs, reminded us of that familiar quad burn most seek to avoid by taking these electronic counterparts.

We live in a modest apartment building, only thirteen levels. If you live in a similar mid rise building it doesn’t sound like much. But we’ll be dammed if you’re not puffed out by the time you reach level five. Do it three times. Add in three sets of an elevated lunge (where the back foot is put one step up), a few air punches, and BAM there is your workout.

So take advantage of those neglected, lonesome stairs at the end of the hallway every once in a while, when you are looking for a new exercise routine.

It may not come with a fancy red bag, but it is an exercise circuit that is just as good as any gym could have provided. And it don’t cost a thing!

The humble stairs

The humble stairs


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