How to Save Money in Toronto: Art Edition


Wednesday nights in Toronto are great for our fellow starving artists.

Why, you ask?

Because the Art Gallery of Ontario (or AGO) offers free entry from 6pm-8.30pm, that’s why!

Saving money doesn’t mean you won’t have access to some high brow entertainment. You just have to know where to search for it.

The gallery was packed last night, particularly with lots of tourists as Toronto is in full swing with the Pan Am Games.

Between the contemporary, Canadian, European and African art that this gallery offers over five levels, you are more than getting your money’s worth (haha).

We are always moved and delighted at the opportunity to view art works that are hundreds of years old. The intricacies, detail, colours and textures are mind blowing. The scale of some of these paintings are big enough to cover a wall. How many months, years or even decades did they take to finish, we wonder. These artists were not preoccupied with modern notions of time, finance, technology, fame or talent. They just created.

If you can avoid spending in the divine, tempting AND most importantly, pricey AGO gift shop and food outlets, congratulations! Just appreciate them while you are there. Flip through the lovely books and then put them back on the shelf.

The Gallery is located on 317 Dundas Street West, Toronto. The closest TTC subway is St. Patrick.

For more information visit







Has anyone had a chance to check out the AGO on Wednesday nights. What did you think?


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