E!’s “New Money”

We recently came across the E! show New Money.

We were truly appalled.

Though we couldn’t stomach the whole show, from what we saw, it was a typical idealised vision of “The American Dream”, sports cars, bling and all. Never since MTV’s Cribs have we seen such sheer financial stupidity rewarded.

This particular episode included a man walking around his hotel apartment in a robe, spelling out his name in stacks of what equated to $250,000.

Even though this show is scripted, it is painful to watch. It is downright maddening that money gets wasted on idiotic things such as colouring a dogs fur, and a painting of a dripping designer logo that seems to bear no semblance of meaning to the owners.

Can someone please boycott this grotesque display of money (not wealth, as it is obviously temporary for these uneducated gluttons).

Has anyone seen this show? What did you think of it?


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