A Matter of Perception

Ok, so we paid for this view. But our philosophy remains.

Ok, so we paid for this view. But our philosophy remains.

We were blessed to be walking down Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii last year. Besides the beautiful beaches, one thing you will notice is that Hawaii is FULL of vagrants. Given the weather climate, who can blame them?

As we were walking down the tourist trap stretch, we will never forget what one ‘homeless’ man said to us. He said he wakes up to a million dollar view for free everyday.

Being homeless is not an ideal situation. We are not making light of a very serious social issue. But when it can be put into a simplistic and, heck actually positive frame of mind, you have to respect that. 

He, amongst all the other homeless people with their fold up chairs and blankets lining the strip, are on to something.

One ‘rich’ person may have paid to get a penthouse apartment on the beachfront, which they only get to visit once a year. Whilst this man and countless others who do not have the necessity of shelter get it absolutely free of charge everyday. Both people share the same physical view, despite being on the polar ends of economic stability.

Encounters like this can put wealth in perspective. If you are feeling anxious or upset about your finances, think about the beautiful ‘free’ views you get everyday. Think about the beauty Mother Nature provides for us to look at without requesting payment.

When you can get to that place of gratitude and appreciation for the small things, you may never cry about the state of your finances again.


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