Websites To Visit For Last Minute Hotel Deals

Palm Trees California

Everyone loves to travel. But not everyone has the finances to do it.

Back in the ‘olden days’ we would have to go to a travel agent to book and plan a trip months, even years, in advance.

Now the good old internet has replaced this, with many sites offering competitive rates, deals and specials. You can literally book a flight hours before you leave.

Accommodation is also tacked on at the eleventh hour for many travellers, because there is so much choice online that it is merely an afterthought. Online reviews also help narrow down the options.

If you are ever caught without a place to sleep for the night on your travel journey, these websites should help you out. Some are cheaper and less conventional than others (for instance not knowing the hotel name before booking, or staying at a host’s house), but most will not have the high costs associated with traditional reservation methods.

1. (our personal favourite and the site we use to book 95% of our travel with)

2. (especially the name your own price feature)

3. (another site comparable with Hotwire for their ‘mystery hotel’ deals)


5. (if you like your accommodation choices to be influenced by a smiley face spectrum)


7. (if you enjoy having six other strangers in your room)



10. (not so much a hotel site, more living like a local, or if you’re lucky, staying in a treehouse!)


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