If You Are Ever Travelling To Australia And Want To Splurge

We’ve stayed in some real dumps, and some real gems on our travel journey. We have spent next to nothing and other times a small fortune on somewhere just to rest our heads and shower.

Whilst it is certainly out of a frugal price range, we absolutely adore the concepts of Australia’s Art Series Hotels. Pairing the art works of famous Australian artists with modern boutique accommodation, it is perfect for creative types to unwind and appreciate iconic, original artwork.

The hotels include:

  • The Olsen- Artist John Olsen in Melbourne’s South Yarra
  • The Schaller Studio- Artist Mark Schaller in Victoria’s Bendigo (small country town and wine region)
  • The Blackman- Artist Charles Blackman in Melbourne’s St Kilda Rd
  • The Cullen- Artist Adam Cullen in Melbourne’s Prahran
  • The Larwill Studio- Artist David Larwill in Melbourne’s Parkville
  • The Watson- Artist Tommy Watson in Adelaide’s Walkerville

Now as a budget conscious bloggers we would never recommend wasting hard earned money for the sake of staying in fancy accommodation.

But we also advocate splurging every once in a while.

Both times that we stayed in Art Series Hotels were for special occasions. One was booked on a mystery budget hotel site, the second time was because we enjoyed our experience so much the first time.

Reviews coming soon.

For more information visit http://www.artserieshotels.com.au

*This is NOT a sponsored post. We wish it were!


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